Hungarian State Concessions

In Hungary the majority of the forests are owned by the State. The geographical regions have their State Forestry Companies, operating forest and wildlife management, timber and hunting operations. The regional hunting operations manage several Hunting Districts or Concessions. Golden Stag contracted the five leading Companies operating twenty Concessions, where hunting traditions and trophy qualities are exemplary. Almost all the World Records of the past 60 years were taken in these Concessions. These Partners are well known for their high professional standards and for their luxurious hunting lodges.

The “Green House” of the Guth Concession, home of the World Record Fallow bucks

The “Green House” of the Guth Concession, home of the
World Record Fallow bucks

Some of the prime areas are not easy to book in the same year, because of the priority given to returning clients. Golden Stag has a priority of its own, and can combine the various prime areas for a good hunt for you.

Private hunting operations in Hungary

Private entities, first and foremost Hunting Clubs, either operating on private land or on a State Concession leased by the Clubs, are the other important group of Golden Stag’s Partners. These clubs have different levels of their operations from modest to excellent. Long years of experiences can help in choosing the best ones to complement the state run operations. Roebuck hunts can be rewarding at such clubs, as the big bucks of the so called “field” Roebuck live on agricultural land, belonging mostly to hunting clubs.
In the selection process Golden Stag can rely on its Partner Mistral Hungaria, a hunt broker for 25 years and CEO Dr. Akos Adorjan, a personal hunting friend for just as long.
Some of the clubs have good hunting lodges, others have not. There is a special one – Golden Stag Partner “Hunters’ Villa” – which received “five star” recognition. They have entertained already Weatherby Award winner hunters for local big game hunts, too.
If a given club has no good lodging, Golden Stag finds you a good lodging nearby according to your needs, starting with a nice small hotel to a fine spa resort.

Partners outside of Hungary

Partner arrangements have been made and are still being made with old friends having access to premium hunts in countries neighboring Hungary. As you have seen in other pages of this website, Golden Stag can offer already exciting hunts in Romania and in the Czech Republic. Many more will follow.
Golden Stag’s Premium Partner is TGB Outfitters of Argentina, and CEO Alejandro Trigo.
Golden Stag is representing TGB Outfitters in Eastern Europe and in Russia, while TGB represents Golden Stag in the Western Hemisphere.